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Pricing & Philosophy

Pricing is on an individual basis with 100% of the profits going directly to the teachers. For donation-based classes, we ask that students pay what feels manageable for them. 

In the event a student cannot afford to pay for class, we ask that they reach out. We will never let financial hardship prevent someone from practicing. If you would like to schedule a private session with any of the teachers, please reach out to them directly.

Chad Hamrin

Chad's classes are $12 each with package options detailed in the sign-up. Audio recordings of each class are also available at $5 per class. These are ideal for students who cannot make live class times, or for those  who would like to review a session.

Elizabeth Rusnak

Elizabeth's classes are all donation-based. For those who plan to practice regularly there is a plan available, details in sign-up.

Chanahira Elias

Chanahira's classes are donation-based.

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