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Elizabeth Rusnak

I teach because I love it. I have been blessed with teachers who remind me I am a student first and always. 

I created this online studio because I missed my community and my teachers. This site is my offering to all the students like me whose lives are enriched by the connection yoga brings.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chad Hamrin

I teach from a place where there's a journey open to all, called life. Yoga helps us to be more open and present in our journey. I teach to simplify and to hopefully inspire each student to be open to their own journey, open to both the struggles and the joys, and to find a place of deep gratitude instead of perfection.

I don't really have a style, I have a practice, and it becomes intuitively presented through teaching and sharing. One doesn't really teach something; the art is to create a circumstance for discovery. That's the joy, a connection to something deeper that has been found.

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